ENMAX Park art installation

The Calgary Stampede's Public Art Committee has completed its ENMAX Park public art RFP process. The committee is pleased to announce that Calgary-based artist, Jeff De Boer has been selected to create the first piece of art for the park. Jeff is known internationally for creating some of the world's most original and well-crafted works of art. This will be his first public art installation.

"Not only was I born Calgary, but I have been working out of my studio in Ramsey for the past 17 years," said Jeff De Boer. "It's a huge honour to be selected as the first artist to create a sculpture for the Stampede's ENMAX Park."

This first piece of public art for ENMAX Park will be located at the MacDonald bridge entrance to Stampede Park.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Process questions can be directed to: Sarah Rivest


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