Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Calgary Stampede have public art?

  • The Stampede’s passion for public art dates back to 1912, when Ed Borein and Charlie Russell showcased their artwork at the Calgary Stampede. By the 1980s the Western Art Show had become a regular feature of the 10-day Stampede. Today, the Stampede’s annual Western Art Show is one of Canada’s most significant art shows. The Stampede also celebrates art and western heritage year-round through the historical mural program and the parade of historical posters. The Public Art committee also works closely with the Historical Committee to showcase the most significant pieces of art at Stampede Park.

Is all of the Stampede’s art at Stampede Park?

  • The Calgary Stampede proudly has played a role in developing and placing two heroic bronzes in downtown Calgary: Outlaw and Do Re Me Fa Sol La Si Do.

Does the Stampede have any pieces of art in development?

  • The Public Art Committee recently completed its largest development to date, By the Banks of the Bow, and does not have another in progress at this time.

How do I donate a piece of art?

  • There is a process to donate art of the Calgary Stampede that begins with contacting the Stampede’s archivist.

Can I join the Public Art Committee?

  • The best way to show your interest in becoming a Stampede volunteer is to contact Volunteer Services.

Do I have to pay to see the Stampede’s public art at the Park?

  • If you want to drive to Stampede Park and want to park your vehicle there is a parking fee.