The Dream

This mural depicts Guy Weadick’s hopes for The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

Did You Know?

  • Guy Weadick was an American, born in Rochester, NY IN 1885
  • Guy left home to pursue the cowboy life, joining the Miller Brothers Wild West Show where he learned the ropes of showmanship
  • Guy met his wife, Flora La Due, on the Vaudeville circuit. She was a trick rider
  • When the Miller Show performed for the Dominion Exhibition in Calgary in 1908, Guy began to dream about staging a large frontier days celebration and cowboy championship contest
  • Guy returned to Calgary in 1912, and with backing from the Big Four, the Calgary Stampede was founded. He went on to lead it for 20 years.
  • Guy attended the Stampede in 1952 and appeared in the parade. He died the next year.
Doug Driediger


Corral (East Upper Wall)

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